anachoreta ulterior

someone once said (something along the lines that): ‘trans boys have all the advice they need. trans girls have nothing. we have to go to places like fucking 4chan and Reddit, sites infamous for their cesspools of assholes, in hopes of help.’ and i thought we have plenty. we have everything we need from those […]

Slime Mom LIVE!

Announcing Collabathons and Slime Mom LIVE!

Slime Mom is hosting a weekly event called Collabathon: members get together to present their work, supported projects ask for help on tasks (which volunteers asked to be assigned to), and finally the collaborative work starts! Collabathons are every Saturday, starting at 3:30pm US/Central. Slime Mom LIVE! will be streaming the Collabathons where possible, but will also to be used for […]

Slime Mom Workshop With Stephanie Hurlburt and Rich Geldreich from Binomial!

Yesterday’s workshop on employment skills was amazing! The presenters for the employment workshop were Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt) and Rich Geldreich (@richgel999), both from Binomial ( [a company they own together]). We had an amazing Question and Answer session and want to share some highlights from the workshop! Resumes Slime Mom Member: A key attribute I noticed in the resumes […]

Employability Workshop with Stephanie Hurlburt

Hello, everyone, Lillian Seabreeze here! Exciting news: Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt on Twitter) will be hosting an employability workshop in our Slack team Monday, June 20 (2016)! Stephanie owns Binomial, a software consulting firm based out of Seattle, Washington. Stephanie has an extensive game development portfolio in VR/AR, game engines, C++, graphics, compression, mathematics, optimization, hardware prototyping. The employability workshop Stephanie is […]